Switch Craft Show Notes 591

Nintendo Treehouse staring Hyrule Warriors and Pikmin 3!

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Story Links for this Episode

  • Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
    • Zelda and Urbosa gameplay looked great.
    • Map instead of a list of options
    • Crafting (fusing weapons together)
      • Weapons don’t break, but you fuse them into your main weapon.
    • Armor
    • Mission restrictions (2 handed weapons only etc…)
    • Cooking – characters like certain dishes (reminds me of FE)
    • ANIMATIONS ARE AMAZING (aggressively eating)
    • November 20th
  • Pikmin 3 Deluxe
    • Two totally different styles of games.
    • Added a lock on mode, as well as a target cycle mode which I think makes things better.
    • Multiplayer – Looks so relaxing and fun. I do wish there was a way to play without the timer on the top.
      • This looks like the perfect game to sit and play with my wife.
    • Side Stories – New content to justify people buying the game all over again. (Looks like you can do small bite size play sessions with this though)
    • Bingo Battle – Vs game
      • Fill out a bingo card before the other player. (online?)
      • You can attack the other player!
    • eShop demo tonight(will let you transfer save data!
    • October 30th

Monster Hunter Rise running on standard Switch



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Turrican Flashback, Bravely Default II, Hitman 3 Cloud Version Nintendo Switch Craft – A Nintendo Podcast

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  1. Turrican Flashback, Bravely Default II, Hitman 3 Cloud Version
  2. Super Mario 3D World + Bowsers FURY looks AMAZING!
  3. More Switch Pro Rumors
  4. This episode was supposed to be out on Tuesday, but I never clicked the button!
  5. Lots of sales going on right now!

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