Overwhelm on Nintendo Switch is RAD

So I saw some screenshots of this game and decided to reach out to the developers, I’m really glad I did, its so fun, has fantastic sound design, great action and a one more try loop that is just great!

I’m late to the party no one wanted to go to.

When the PlayStation Classic was first announced I thought it seemed pretty cool. But they were quiet on the details, and game selection. So when it was finally unveiled what the price was and what games would be on it. I like many took a hard pass. It certainly didn’t help that the reviews of it said that the emulation was bad, and for $120 we should expect more. Then the price began to plummet.

PlayStation Classic

I kept waiting for the price to get low enough. I didn’t have a set price that I thought was good, but when it hit $40 I thought hell, that’s a good deal, and I snapped one up. My reasoning was even though the experience has been described as pretty forgettable. I don’t think many described it as actively bad. Just not as good as the NES Classic or SNES classic. The fact that the controllers were also USB and not some proprietary nonsense make picking this up an even better option as I can use them on my Retro Pi, two controllers for $40 is an okay deal. But also to come with 20 games? Most of which I’ve never played? Sold!

First Look at Playstation Classic

So what do I think? well, its early days, I’ve only played for a little bit. But I guess my first thoughts are for me its worth $40, it is certainly not worth $120. But every person is going to have a different price point. I have yet to play every game on it, but I’m looking forward most to Metal Gear Solid, Syphon Filter, Twisted Metal, and Wild Arms, oh, and Resident Evil Director’s Cut. Never played the one that started it all, so I’m excited for it.

Do you have a Playstation Classic, are you thinking of getting one for yourself? What’s the magic number for you?

Is Nintendo bringing VR to the Switch?

My thoughts on the rumor of Nintendo turning the Switch into a VR machine.