I’m a panelist at Dragoncon this year, the panels that I’ll be on are listed below. If you’re see me come say hi!


Video Didn’t Kill The Radio Star – Tips For Doing An Audio Podcast On Video

Saturday 2:30 pm| Location: Galleria 6 Hilton

You have a Face For Radio, and that’s why you started your podcast. But you now want to take it to the next level and live stream your recording. Join long-time audio podcasters who recently made the jump to video, and discuss how to keep your audio audience while entertaining your new video fans.

Monetization in digital media

Saturday 4:00 pm | Location: Galleria 6 Hilton

We all talk about what we love and we can find an audience. Yet with YouTubes Ad-pocalypse stripping monetization and the flooding of the market with every joe with a mic and cam, how do you find success? Veterans of digital media talk about their experiences and share how they found success.

Your Memories Are In Another Castle:  The Nintendo Legacy

Saturday 5:30 pm Location:  Augusta E-H – Westin (Length:  1 Hour)

Stories of how Nintendo shaped us and sharing that tradition with the next generations. Stories from the panelists and audience about growing up with Nintendo and guiding younger generations on that journey.


Twitch 102 (Gaming Track has 101)

Sunday 11:30 am | Location Galleria 6 Hilton

Syncing up with the Gaming track who will do twitch 101. This will be more about gaining affiliate/partner status,  how to create overlays, cards, best practices, ect.

Giant Size Team Up Presents: Nerdywood Squares!

Sunday 1:00 pm | Location Galleria 7 Hilton

Giant Size Team Up brings you the nerdiest version of “Squares” this side of the Rocky Mountains (now with 100% less copyright infringement). Audience participation encouraged!

You’ll be able to watch the stream live over at my Twitch channel, or at the Official DragonCon Digital Media Channel