I want to give back to those that support the show. You know who you are, you’re amazing, thank you! How’s this going to work?

Starting on the 31st of August each week of September on Saturday, I’ll give away either a $5 or $10 eShop gift card in the #🙏supporters🙏 channel of our community discord as a thank you to those of you that support Nintendo Switch Craft and Run Jump Stomp in general.

“How can I gain access to the supporters channel” you ask? There are a bunch of ways. Join the Patreon for as little as $1 a month, Become a YouTube member for as little as $2 a month, or become a Twitch Subscriber as part of your Twitch Prime (Free) or for $5 a month.

If this brings in enough new support to cover the cost of the gift cards, I’ll continue it into October.

Thank you all you support the show, you’re amazing.

The Giveaway is pinned in the channel Please do not ask me how to link your various accounts to discord, Google it, if that doesn’t work reach out to Discord support. I can’t help you with this.