StadiaCast Show Notes – GDC 2019

  • Google is “building a game platform for everyone”
  • Stats
    • Will launch with 4k with HDR
    • Future 8K 120FPS
    • 10.7 GPU terraflops (more powerful that Xbox One X and PS4 Pro Combined
    • Games can run multiple GPUs at the same time.
  • Engines
    • Unity Unreal, Havock – Tons of middleware stuff that devs already use.
  • Streaming and Sharing
    • 4k 60fps stream to YouTube
    • State Share – Share a playable moment from a game. Just send a link.
    • Watching a video on YouTube you can play the game right from there.
    • Ryan Wyatt – Head of Gaming at YouTube
      • Highlight, Live stream, Capture directly from Stadia
      • Crowd Play – Click a button to play with the streamer.
  • ID – Marty Stratton
    • Doom Eternal
    • Doom is a crazy fast game!
    • 4K 60FPS HDR – Running on a single GPU
  • Multiplayer games
    • No cheating / hacking
    • Full cross platform play! Up to devs – I’m sure Sony will screw this up.
    • Split screen couch co-op without any performance penalty.
    • Play with friends while seeing their screens
  • Dev stuff
    • The ART Stuff was amazing
    • use a drawing to texture the game in real time.
    • Devs can use Multiple GPUs to power their games.
  • Discuss the controller
    • Connects through WiFi Directly to the game you want to play.
    • Move from device to device and pick up exactly where you left off!
    • Capture button
    • Google Assistant
    • Konami Code
    • Google Assistant
      • How do I beat this boss?
  • Google is making a First party game studio – Jade Raymond – AC games
    • Didn’t show off any games (they were at GDC) This wasn’t a show for us
  • Launching 2019
  • Cost?
    • Perhaps lower res for free, and higher res for a sub fee?

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SC312 – Show Notes

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Hey Bill! Been lurking here and listening to your podcasts for a while now, thanks for all you do! Wanted to ask a question, not sure if this has been touched on in any of the older episodes or discussed in other channels, but have you ever dealt with the issue that’s being referred to as joy-con drift? It’s where the joy-con analogue stick would start inputting a direction despite being in a neutral/idle position or continue inputting a direction after being let go. Pretty much all my friends with a Switch, including both Switches in my household had this problem start occuring after 1-3 months after using their console. Usually a spray or 2 of compressed air under the rubber flap will make it go away, but it’s always temporary. If you’ve dealt with this, maybe you’ve found a way to deal with it and figured out a more long-term solution?

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