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Boomr19 from Discord wrote

So, I had a thought about something that’s lacking in the switch firmware, the social / sharing integrations for the switch is not good. It feels like it’s the bare minimum for sharing a video/photo to fb/twitter. For example, an autocomplete on a # tag would be really nice. as well as maybe a google drive / dropbox integration where I could save my video out to a cloud service without having to physically take my sd card to a computer. While I’m at it, the typing on the switch screen (since I primarily use it handheld) is not very good either. I don’t think Nintendo has done a lot of work to make that experience very good. Typing on a switch is not nearly as important as on a phone, but I think nintendo could take a note from iOS/android by helping the user “cheat” while typing.For example, you can change the touch areas for the screen based on the word that is being spelled, and provide more autocomplete suggestions at the top of the keyboard. Or perhaps allow third party keyboards? I know that all of these are not trivial, and that the biggest smartphone manufacturers still struggle with thisI guess this is only a problem for those of us who are primarily handheld users of the system. Really the keyboard isn’t my biggest gripe, it’s the lack of cloud storage integration.


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