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Email From Joel

Hi Bill, on your show you were talking about Nintendo not censoring games and instead offering parental controls. Their parental controls are pretty anemic though.

Mario Maker 2 restricts all online interaction with parental controls, kids aren’t allowed to download levels or anything. My only choice seems to be to whitelist the game for my kids. The problem is user comments. I’m aware that some people will build inappropriate things into their levels, but that is much less common than inappropriate user comments. As a matter of fact on the very first level I downloaded there was one. I’m sure popular levels are more likely to have them.

I know comments can be turned off, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to restrict a user from turning them back on. It’s not a good situation. I couldn’t even find a way to report the comment, though I would think there must be one.

It’s a pretty sad situation when I can’t let my kids freely play Mario on their own. The internet isn’t going to change, so Nintendo should give us more granularity in the parental controls. They have a smart phone app dedicated to it, and aren’t doing much with it. I’m happy to have the choices we do on switch without censorship, but they need to give parents better tools (and folders to hide some of those game icons).



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SteamWorld Quest has a release date!

If you have been listening to my content for any length of time you’ve probably heard me extol the virtues of the SteamWorld games. Each time they put out a new Steamworld game they reinvent something or tackle a new genre, and its made Image & Form Games one of my favorite developers.

In a recent Nintendo Direct, we had the first look at Steam World Quest, a turn based RPG with card mechanics. Yes Please! Anyway, we now have a release date, and its sooner than you think. April 25th. SWQ is exclusive to the Switch for the time being, and will cost $25.

Will you be picking up SteamWorld Quest? Let me know in the comments below.